Getting started with your own device

To view the getting started guide for your device, please select your device or operating system from the list below.

Please note that whilst every effort is taken to ensure these guides are as accurate as possible, some variations between devices may occur. Whilst the basic information should remain the same, if you have any further problems or concerns, please feel free to contact Support .

If you would like to use any personal device at the University, a valid Portable Appliance Test (PAT) must be completed for each.

...with your laptop or netbook.


Apple Laptops

Such as Macbook.


Windows Laptops

Such as Dell, Asus or Eee PC

...with your smartphone or tablet.


Apple or iOS Devices

Such as iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.


Android Devices

Such as Galaxy S or Xperia

Windows Mobile

Windows Phone 7

Such as HTC HD7 or Nokia Lumia.

...with something else?

Device not listed? Don’t worry, the following guide contains the raw settings required to set up or configure access to our services.

Other Devices

Other Devices

Such as Blackberries or Linux laptops.