Online Assessment and Submission

Many assignments will be submitted online. The most common online submission tools are Turnitin and Blackboard assignments. There are guides to using both of these below. For all online assignment submissions please remember:

  • Check that you’re submitting the correct file.
  • Allow plenty of time for submission (and re-submission). Minor technical issues happen to everyone and you don’t want your essay to be late just because your wifi chooses the wrong moment to go down!
  • Check whether you need to submit a specific file type or number of files.

Summative and formative assessments

Assignments might be called summative or formative by your lecturer.

  • A summative assessment contributes to the final mark for your award.
  • A Formative assessment does not contribute to the final mark for your award but will help your learning or your progress toward the summative piece.


Most assignments are submitted online, and many use a tool called Turnitin – this tool can also help you to avoid falling into the trap of plagiarising other people’s work as it provides a report on which parts of your work may have come from other sources. You can then check to make sure everything has been referenced correctly. Your tutors can then grade your assignment and return feedback to you in the same place.

Blackboard Assignment

Some online assignments are submitted through Blackboard’s own assignment tool. Your tutors can use this tool to view and grade your assignment and return feedback to you.

You can view the following videos to learn about submitting and getting your grades and feedback through Blackboard assignments.

Assessment Diary

You can get a full overview of all the formative and summative assessment for your modules from your online Assessment Diary.

Log in to Unilife and access Blackboard — you will see a tab at the top of the Blackboard page for your Assessment Diary.