How to use Panopto to make audio/video recordings


  • For recording at a desktop you will need a suitable microphone to record audio. If you want to capture video input you’ll also need a webcam. – For help with hiring see Online Media Booking. Note that you can also record via mobile devices.
  • You’ll then need to use the recording software to make a recording. If you are making a recording from a machine based in a teaching room you should find that the Panopto recorder and a microphone are already available. If this is not the case you will need to log a call via the IT Customer Support System. If you are using your own device you will first need to download the software – see How to download the recording software.
  • In order to make a recording (for a module’s assessment) your tutor will need to switch on your Assignment folder for the related module in the Panopto system.
  • It is possible to make recordings in your personal sandbox area called 'My Folder’. You can’t share this folder, however you can share individual recordings or the contents of any subfolders created in this area. Find out more about Your personal sandbox area – 'My Folder’

Accessing Panopto

Access to all the options that you need when using Panopto can be found from within a Blackboard module. Open the module, select Communication and Tools and then Panopto Content.

Here you will find listed the full set of recordings that have been made by your tutor for that particular module. If your tutor has set up the module’s associated Assignment folder you will also be able to access it from here.

For full documentation on submitting a video assignment using Panopto please download the following guide

If you have made any recordings yourself you can also access Panopto’s cloud based service to manage your recordings.

How to download the recording software

You can download the software onto your own machine. The option to download can be found via a Blackboard module. Access Communication and Tools > Panopto Content, select the Create button and there you will find the following download options:

Please ensure that your content is compliant with copyright legislation. If you have any third-party content in your material you may need permission from the copyright owner to include it.

Guidance is available on the University’s Copyright webpages.

Making a desktop recording

Note: You can also record via a mobile device. For more information see View and record via mobile devices

1. Is the microphone/camera present, plugged in and switched on?

In the recording software, you will find there are visible indicators that the microphone and camera are present and plugged in. It’s important to test this before you start.

2. Access the Recorder Software

You can access the recorder directly from Blackboard. Access the relevant module and go to Communication and Tools > Panopto Content

Click to select your Assignment folder

and then select the Create button (see below).

3. Making your recording

Please note that we advise that you include your enrolment number in the title of your recording. If you fail to do this at the time of recording or need to change the recording name for any reason you can update the name later. For more information see Changing the session name.

For further instructions and information on creating your recording please select from the following:

View and record via mobile devices

You can also view and make recordings on both iOS and Android devices. Find out more using the links below:

Remember to log in via Unilearn and if prompted the Panopto server address is Further mobile guides can be found on Panopto’s own support pages.

Managing your recordings

To manage your own recordings you can either select the Manage Recordings tab from within the recording software window

or by selecting the Manage my recordings button found in the top right after having accessed Panopto through your Blackboard module ( Communication and Tools > Panopto Content)

You will then access a window for Panopto’s cloud based service. On the left you will see all the folders to which you have access. Selecting a folder will show you all the recordings in the right hand side.

Introducing the Homepage

When you access the web browser for our Panopto site you will notice that the first entry in the left hand panel is the Homepage. This is administered centrally and from here you will be able to quickly access two areas, namely:

  • Shared with Me – any recordings that have been shared with you; and
  • What’s New – any new recordings for any folders to which you have access.

In both of these areas you will see a selection of videos, clicking See all will present you with the entire set of recordings for that particular area.

You can rearrange the view of the recordings displayed using the Grid, Thumbnail and List View buttons.

Your personal folder – 'My Folder’

My Folder is a personal sandbox area where you can create recordings. You can’t share this folder however you can share individual recordings or the contents of any subfolders created in this area.

Important point: It is important that if you are asked by your tutor to make a specific recording that they will review for assessment purposes that the recording resides in the Assignment folder associated with that module.

For information on moving recordings from one folder to another refer to the Change Folder instructions.

In terms of management, another thing you may wish to do is change the session name after making the recording.

Editing your recordings

The Panopto editor allows for web based editing from any Mac or Windows computer. Panopto version 5.2 (which is HTML5 based and so you no longer have to download Silverlight) offers a 'What you see is what you get’ (WYSIWYG) editing experience in the browser and includes the following:

  • The timeline / audio histogram is more accurate.
  • You can edit the title and description of the recording inline.
  • You can add/edit/delete table of content entries.
  • You can visualise slides on the timeline.
  • Has a properly working Undo button.
  • Auto save functionality during editing but final version not made available to viewers until you click ‘Publish’.
  • You can rename the video feeds and where there are multiple video feeds you can choose to focus on a particular stream at any one time.

To view a demonstration of the new editing experience Watch the Panopto 5.2 Webinar – please jump to 12 minutes and 50 seconds to start playing

For more detailed instructions select the type of editing you would like to learn about: